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Hyunwoo Nam, Chang D. Yoo, "Content Adaptive Video Summarization using Spatio-Temporal Feature", HouJeung Han, Sunghun Kang, Chang D. Yoo, "MULTI-VIEW VISUAL SPEECH RECOGNITION BASED ON MULTI TASK LEARNING", Junyeong Kim, Chang D Yoo, "DEEP PARTIAL PERSON RE-IDENTIFICATION VIA ATTENTION MODEL", International Conference on Image Processing, 2017

25 NAACL2021 1 Paper Accepted!
17281   Apr 20, 2021
Kiran Ramnath, Leda Sari, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Chang Yoo "Worldly Wise (WoW) - Cross-Lingual Knowledge Fusion for Fact-based Visual Spoken-Question Answering", Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Compu...  
24 NeurIPS 2019 (Spotlight) file
17199   Sep 10, 2019
23 CVPR 2019 (Oral) file
15622   Mar 02, 2019
22 ECCV 2020 file
15475   Jul 07, 2020
21 ACL 2023 3 paper accepted!
14754   May 02, 2023
Speak, Decipher and Sign: Toward Unsupervised Speech-to-Sign Language Recognition, Liming Wang, Junrui Ni, Heting Gao, Jialu Li, Kai Chieh Chang, Xulin Fan, Junkai Wu, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Chang D. Yoo. A Theory of Unsupervised Speech R...  
20 ICASSP 2021 2 Papers Accepted file
14594   Mar 26, 2021
19 ACCV 2018
13994   Oct 27, 2018
Kangmin Bae, Minuk Ma, Hyunjun Jang, Minjeong Ju, Hyoungwoo Park, and Chang D. Yoo, "ImaGAN: Unsupervised Training of Conditional Joint CycleGAN for Transferring Style with Core Structures in Content Preserved", Asian Conference on Computer ...  
18 AAAI 2022 1 Paper Accepted!
13859   Dec 21, 2021
Junghyun Lee, Gwangsu Kim, Matt Olfat, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Chang D. Yoo. "Fast and Efficient MMD-based Fair PCA via Optimization over Stiefel Manifold." in AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) 2022.  
17 ECCV 2018 file
13632   Jul 21, 2018
16 ICIP 2019 file
13556   May 20, 2019
15 ICASSP 2023 1 Paper Accepted!
12461   Feb 16, 2023
Sunjae Yoon, Ji Woo Hong, SooHwan Eom, Hee Suk Yoon, Eunseop Yoon, Daehyeok Kim, Junyeong Kim, Chanwoo Kim, Chang D. Yoo, 'Counterfactual Two-stage Debiasing for Video Corpus Moment Retrieval. ICASSP 2023.  
14 ECCV Workshop and Challenge 2018
12181   Mar 25, 2019
Thang Vu, Cao Van Nguyen, Trung X. Pham, Tung M. Luu, Chang D. Yoo. "Fast and Efficient Image Quality Enhancement via Desubpixel Convolutional Neural Networks." Perceptual Image Restoration and Manipulation Workshop and Challenge, European C...  
13 ICASSP 2017 file
12104   May 08, 2018
12 Advanced Materials 2023 1 paper accepted!
11613   Mar 28, 2023
Seongwook Min, Dong Hyun Kim, Daniel J. Joe, Byung Woo Kim, Young Hoon Jung, Jae Hee Lee, Bo-Yeon Lee, Il Doh, Jaehun An, Young-Nam Youn, Boyoung Joung, Chang D. Yoo, Hyo-Suk Ahn, Keon Jae Lee, "Clinical Validation of Wearable Piezoelectric ...  
11 IJCNN 2019 file
10978   Mar 12, 2019
10 Sensors 4 journal paper accepted!
10886   Jul 25, 2022
Junyeong Kim, Ji Woo Hong, Sunjae Yoon, Chang D. Yoo, "CE-BART: Cause-and-Effect BART for Visual Comonsense Generation"., Sensors 2022 Tung M. Luu, Thang Vu, Thanh Nguyen, Chang D. Yoo. "Visual pretraining via Contrastive Predictive Model fo...  
9 EMNLP 2022 2 paper accepted!
10431   Oct 07, 2022
Sunjae Yoon, Eunseop Yoon, Hee Suk Yoon, Junyeong Kim and Chang Yoo, "Information-Theoretic Text Hallucination Reduction for Video-grounded Dialogue", (long paper) Hee Suk Yoon, Eunseop Yoon, John Harvill, Sunjae Yoon, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson ...  
8 Speech Communication 2021 1 Journal Paper Accepted!
10202   Dec 07, 2021
H. Gao, X. Wang, Chang D. Yoo et al., Seamless equal accuracy ratio for inclusive CTC speech recognition. Speech Communication (2021).  
7 JSTSP 2016 file
9442   May 08, 2018
6 ICLR 2022 1 Paper Accepted!
6757   Mar 09, 2022
Chaoning Zhang, Kang Zhang, Chenshuang Zhang, Trung X. Pham, Chang D. Yoo, In So Kweon. “How Does SimSiam Avoid Collapse Without Negative Samples? Towards a Unified Understanding of Progress in SSL” in The International Conference on Learnin...