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32 IEEE Access 2022 3 paper accepted!
45   2022-06-15
Sunjae Yoon, Dahyun Kim, Junyeong Kim and Chang D. Yoo., "Cascaded MPN: Cascaded Moment Proposal Network for Video Corpus Moment Retrieval", IEEE Access 2022 Tung Luu, Thanh Nguyen, Thang Vu and Chang D. Yoo., "Utilizing Skipped Frames in A...  
31 ICML 2022 1 paper accepted!
102   2022-05-16
Haeyong Kang, Rusty John Lloyd Mina, Sultan Rizky Hikmawan Madjid, Jaehong Yoon, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Sung Ju Hwang, and Chang D. Yoo, Forget-free Continual Learning with Winning Subnetworks, International Conference on Machine Learning (I...  
30 CVPR 2022 2 Papers accepted!
13927   2022-03-09
Thang Vu, Kookhoi Kim, Tung Luu, Thanh Nguyen, Chang D. Yoo, "SotftGroup for 3D instance Segmentation on Point Clouds" Chaoning Zhang, Kang Zhang, Trung Pham, Axi Niu, Zhian Qiao, Chang D .Yoo, In So Kweon, "Toward Understading and Simplifyi...  
29 ACL 2022 1 Paper Accepted!
113   2022-03-09
Liming Wang, Mark Hasegawa, Chang D. Yoo, "Self-supervised Semantic-driven phoneme Discovery for Zero-resource Speech Recognition"  
28 ICLR 2022 1 Paper Accepted!
90   2022-03-09
Chaoning Zhang, Kang Zhang, Chenshuang Zhang, Trung X. Pham, Chang D. Yoo, In So Kweon. “How Does SimSiam Avoid Collapse Without Negative Samples? Towards a Unified Understanding of Progress in SSL” in The International Conference on Learnin...  
27 ICASSP 2022 1 Paper Accepted!
55   2022-03-09
Dahyun Kim, Sunjae Yoon, Ji Woo Hong, Chang D Yoo, "Semantic Association Network for Video Corpus Moment Retrieval", The International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, & Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2022.  
26 AAAI 2022 1 Paper Accepted!
242   2021-12-21
Junghyun Lee, Gwangsu Kim, Matt Olfat, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Chang D. Yoo. "Fast and Efficient MMD-based Fair PCA via Optimization over Stiefel Manifold." in AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) 2022.  
25 Speech Communication 2021 1 Journal Paper Accepted!
199   2021-12-07
H. Gao, X. Wang, Chang D. Yoo et al., Seamless equal accuracy ratio for inclusive CTC speech recognition. Speech Communication (2021).  
24 TASLP 2021 1 Paper Accepted!!!
352   2021-09-17
Leda Sari, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, and Chang D. Yoo, "Counterfactually Fair Automatic Speech Recognition", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2021.  
23 IROS 2021 1 Papers Accepted! file
10852   2021-07-03
22 ICIP 2021 3 Papers Accepted!
549   2021-05-24
Sunjae Yoon*, Dahyun kim*, Ji Woo Hong, Junyeong Kim, Kookhoi Kim, Chang D. Yoo, "WEAKLY-SUPERVISED MOMENT RETRIEVAL NETWORK FOR VIDEO CORPUS MOMENT RETRIEVAL" The 28th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2021). Haeyong K...  
21 NAACL2021 1 Paper Accepted!
768   2021-04-20
Kiran Ramnath, Leda Sari, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Chang Yoo "Worldly Wise (WoW) - Cross-Lingual Knowledge Fusion for Fact-based Visual Spoken-Question Answering", Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Compu...  
20 ICASSP 2021 2 Papers Accepted file
1448   2021-03-26
19 AAAI 2021 3 Papers Accepted! file
59489   2020-12-03
18 ECCV 2020 file
13362   2020-07-07
17 CVPR 2020 2 Papers Accepted! file
16184   2020-02-28
16 IEEE Signal Processing Letters 2020 file
11261   2020-02-23
15 NeurIPS 2019 (Spotlight) file
15360   2019-09-10
14 ICIP 2019 file
12694   2019-05-20
13 ECCV Workshop and Challenge 2018
10048   2019-03-25
Thang Vu, Cao Van Nguyen, Trung X. Pham, Tung M. Luu, Chang D. Yoo. "Fast and Efficient Image Quality Enhancement via Desubpixel Convolutional Neural Networks." Perceptual Image Restoration and Manipulation Workshop and Challenge, European C...