Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab. (U-AIM) 

(formerly Statistical Learning for Signal Processing Lab.) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab. was established under the guidance of Professor Chang D. Yoo at KAIST. Using various machine learning theories and novel signal processing techniques, signals such as image, text, speech, audio, video, EEG and financial data are processed for longstanding and emerging applications. 

[Lab. Introduction]  [연구실 홍보영상]

2022 Publications until September

2022 AI Conference Papers :  12 papers (EMNLP 2, ECCV 2, ICML 1, CVPR 2, ACL 1, ICLR 1, AAAI 1, ICASSP 1, INTERSPEECH 1)

2022 AI Journal Papers : 10 papers (Access 5, Nano Energy 1, sensors 4)

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AIM Lab. News

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아래 링크 참조 19분 18초 부터
아래의 링크 참고 바랍니다. 기사 링크
아래의 링크 참고 바랍니다. 기사 링크

Recently Accepted Papers

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Junyeong Kim, Ji Woo Hong, Sunjae Yoon, Chang D. Yoo, "CE-BART: Cause-and-Effect BART for Visual Comonsense Generation"., Sensors 2022 Tung M. Luu, Thang Vu, Thanh Nguyen,...
Trung Xuan Pham, Jin Woong Choi, Rusty John Lloyd Mina, Thanh Nguyen, Sultan Rizky Madjid, and Chang D. Yoo, "LAD: A Hybrid Deep Learning System for Benign Paroxysmal Pos...
Sunjae Yoon, Eunseop Yoon, Hee Suk Yoon, Junyeong Kim and Chang Yoo, "Information-Theoretic Text Hallucination Reduction for Video-grounded Dialogue", (long paper) Hee Suk...
Young HoonJung*, Trung Xuan Pham*, Dias Issa, Hee SeungWang, Jae HeeLee, Mingi Chung, Bo-Yeon Lee, Gwangsu Kim, Chang D.Yoo, Keon Jae Lee, "Deep Learning-based Noise Robus...

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