• Jin-Soo Seo (Ph.D. 2005): Kangnung National University, Professor.
    Thesis: Robust Image Watermarking Based on Geometrically Invariant Regions.
  • Sang-Gyun Kim (Ph.D. 2008): Kyungpook University/Stanford Research Scientist.
    Thesis: Underdetermined Blind Source Separation by Latent Component Estimation.

  • Sun-Il Lee (Ph.D. 2008): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: Robust Video Fingerprinting for Content-Based Video Identification.

  • Min-Ho Jin (Ph.D. 2009):  Google (SF, USA).
    Thesis: Quantum-inspired Hashing for Multimedia Identification.

  • Dal-Won Jang (Ph.D. 2010): KETI.
    Thesis: Distance Metric Lerning for Content Identification.

  • Seok-Hwan Jo (Ph.D. 2011): SK Telecom T-Brain.
    Thesis: Melody Extraction based on Dynamic Bayesian Network.

  • Sung-Woong Kim (Ph.D. 2011): AI department, Korea University, Professor.
    Thesis: Task-specific Image Partitioning based on Discriminative Higher-Order Correlation Clustering.

  • Sung-Rak Yun (Ph.D. 2012): Qualcomm.
    Thesis: A Co-Classification Framework for Transfer Learning Using a Semi-Supervised Topic Model.

  • Jinho Choi (Ph.D. 2015): Smart Ear CEO.
    Thesis: Underdetermined High-Resolution DOA Estimation: A 2pth-Order Source-Signal/Noise Subspace Constrained Optimization.

  • Sanghyuk Park (Ph.D.2018): Naver.
    Thesis: Deep Spiral Convolutional Neural Network for Single Image Super-Resolution and Image Enhancement.

  • Janghoon Cho (Ph.D.2018): Qualcomm AI.
    Thesis: Summarizing Distribution: Submodular Probability Density Cover.

  • Jongmin Kim (Ph.D. 2019): Kakao Brain.
    Thesis: Learning with Edge-labeling Graph: Applications to Image Segmentation and Few-shot Learning.

  • Donghoon Lee (Ph.D. 2019): Kakao Brain.
    Thesis: Learning to Augment Influential Data.

  • Hyunsin Park (Ph.D. 2019): Qualcomm.
    Thesis: Learnable Gammatone Filterbank and Energy Normalized Gated Convolutional Network for Environmental Sound Classification.

  • Seung-Jae Lee (Ph.D. 2020): ETRI.
    Thesis: Study on Efficient Feature Extraction and Neural Architecture Engineering for Visual Search.

  • Junyeong Kim (Ph.D. 2021): Chung-Ang University, Professor.
    Thesis: Deep Learning Based Approaches for Multimodal Video Question Answering. 

  • Thang Vu (Ph.D. 2023): 42dot.
    Thesis: From Unimodal to Multimodal Learning with Adaptive Alignment for 2D-3D VIsual Recognition.


  • Won-Il Lee (MS 2001): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: Tandemless Transcoding between AMR and EVRC speech coders.

  • Seok-Hyun Yoon (MS 2002): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: A Novel Speech Enhancement based on Speech/Noise-dominant Decision in Time-Frequency Domain.

  • Jong-Wook Kim (MS 2002): Pantech.
    Thesis: Subspace Speech Enhancement Based on Selective Projection Method and Psychoacoustic Model.

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    Thesis: Robust Feature extraction using Lombard effect compensation filter.

  • Gyu-Chul Jang (MS 2003): 21st Century Patent & Law Firm.
    Thesis: Improvements in speaker adaptation with weighted training.

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    Thesis: A Novel Transcoding Algorithm for G.729A and SMV Speech Codecs via Direct Parameter Transformation.

  • Sun-Il Lee (MS 2003):  Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: Novel Tandemless Transcoding Algorithm for AMR and EVRC Speech Coders.

  • Min-Ho Jin (MS 2004):  Google (SF, USA).
    Thesis: An Out-of Vocabulary Rejection Technique usign Anti-phoneme Model and On-line Garbage Model in Hidden Markov Model.

  • Seongho Seo (MS 2004): Pai Chai University Professor.
    Thesis: A Transcoding Algorithm for G.723.1 and SMV Speech Coders via Direct Parameter Transformation.

  • Jong-Kwan Lee (MS 2004): Republic of Korea Army.
    Thesis: A De-noising Method using Teager Energy Operator and Wiener Filter for Speech Recognizer.

  • Seung-Jae Lee (MS 2005) : ETRI.
    Thesis: A Secure SVD-Based Watermarking Method for Image Content Authentication.

  • Chang-Sun Park (MS 2005): Hyundai Heavy Industries Corporation.
    Thesis: Single Channel Subband Blind Source Separation Using Temporal Dependency of Speech via Viterbi Algorithm.

  • So-Young Park (MS 2006): Korea Electric Power Corporation.
    Thesis: Analysis and Compensation of Korean Lombard Speech based on Phoneme Dependent Cepstral Characteristic and Pitch Information.

  • Seok-Hwan Jo (MS 2006): SK Telecom T-Brain.
    Thesis: Melody Extraction based on Dynamic Bayesian Network.

  • Jun-Sung Kim (MS 2006): Patent Attorney.
    Thesis: A Novel Crosstalk Cancellation for 3D Audio.

  • Kyoung-Ran Mun (MS 2007): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: The Database Construction Method Using Region-conserving Hashing Function for the High-speed Search of the Audio Fingerprinting System.

  • Sung-Woong Kim (MS 2007): Kakao Brain.
    Thesis: Task-specific Image Partitioning based on Discriminative Higher-Order Correlation Clustering.

  • Jin-Ho Choi (MS 2008): Smart Ear CEO.
    Thesis: Time Delay Estimation Based on Pitch Harmonics Weight and Wiener Gain for Robust Speaker Localization.

  • Do-Hyun Lee (MS 2009): LG Electronics.
    Thesis: Stereo Matching Based on Under- and Over-segmentation, and Occlusion Handling.

  • Yoon-Seob Kim (MS 2009): Industrial Bank of Korea.
    Thesis: Blockwised Active Source Number Estimation for Blind Source Separation.

  • Jae-Wook Kim (MS 2010): Korea University/ Research Professor.
    Thesis: HMM-Based Note Onset Detection of Natural Humming for Query by Humming Systems.

  • Swastik Kayastha (MS 2010): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: Confident Component Detectors for Face Detection.

  • Youn-Sung Park (MS 2010): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: Parametric Emotional Singing Voice Synthesis.

  • Jong-Min Kim (MS 2010): Kakao Brain.
    Thesis: Learning with Edge-labeling Graph: Applications to Image Segmentation and Few-shot Learning.

  • Dong-Hoon Lee (MS 2010): Kakao Brain.
    Thesis: Face Clustering via Penalized Ncut.

  • Si-Hyun Joo (MS 2011): Hyundai Motors.
    Thesis: Melody Extraction based on MMSE of Harmonic Coded Structure.

  • Seung-Ryul Baek (MS 2011): UNIST Computer Science & Engineering Professor.
    Thesis: Learning a discriminative histogram representation for histogram intersection kernel (HIK).

  • Janghoon Cho (MS 2011): Qualcomm AI.
    Thesis: Underdetermined convolutive blind source separation based on a three-stage approach.

  • Tae-Sup Kim (MS 2011): SNU Dept. Data Science Professor.
    Thesis: Music analysis via a nonparametric baysian model: discovering latent musical hierarchical structure based on musical components and sub genres.

  • Jun-young Chung (MS 2012): Deepmind.
    Thesis: Sparsity sharing Embedding for Face Verification.

  • Sang-Hun Park (MS 2012)
    Thesis: Melody Extraction using Melody Pitch/Non-melody Pitch Classification.

  • Ju-Wan Lee (MS 2012): LG Electronics.
    Thesis: Generative Model for Music Similarity.

  • Young-Joo Seo (MS 2013): EPFL.
    Thesis: Occlusion boundary detection and Figure/ground assignment based on  correlation clustering algorithm in a single image.

  • Young-Ook Song (MS 2013): Hynix.
    Thesis: Joint estimation of Pose and Facial Landmark using boosted parallel random ferns.

  • Jaesik Yoon (MS 2014): SAP.
    Thesis: A tree-structured discriminative dictionary learning for classification.

  • Jungkyu Kang (MS 2014): ETRI.  
    Thesis: Mutual Incoherence Discriminative dictionary learning for Non-negative sparse representation in classification.

  • Hoyong Jang (MS 2014): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: Large margin and dropout learning of sum-product networks.

  • Yu-Na Seo (MS 2014): LG Electronics.  
    Thesis: Salient object detection using bipartite dictionary. 

  • Yongcheon Na (MS 2015): Hyundai Motor.
    Thesis: Maximum Margin Learning with sub-SPNs for Cell Classification.

  • Tae-Ho Kim (MS 2015):  Nota Incorporated CEO.
    Thesis: Automatic Speech Recognition using Semi-Markov Model and Deep Neural Network. 

  • Changhoon Lee (MS 2015): Professional Diving Instructor.
    Thesis: Segment-wise Online Learning based on Greedy Algorithm For Real-time Multi-target Tracking. 

  • Mingoo Song (MS 2016): KAIST KI.
    Thesis: Multimodal Representation: Kneser-Ney Smoothing/Skip-gram based Neural Language Model.

  • Sunghun Kang (MS 2016): Ph.D Candidate.
    Thesis: A Study on Audiovisual Deep Features for Video Categorization.

  • Junyeong Kim (MS 2017):  Chung-Ang University, Professor.
    Thesis: Partial Person Re-identification with Convolutional Neural Network and Attention model.

  • Hyeongwoo Park (MS 2017): Qualcomm AI.
    Thesis: Super-resolution using texture guidance deep neural network.

  • Sanghyuk Lee (MS 2017): PUBG Corp.
    Thesis: Classification of Neurological Diseases by Single Nucleotide Polymorphism using Position-wise Histogram Comparison and Deep Neural Network.

  • Ohchul Kwon (MS2018)
    Thesis: Deep Bi-Directional LSTM Attention via Multi Order Difference Feature for Action recognition.

  • Pan Fei (MS2018): Ph.D candidate of Robotics and Computer Vision lab.
    Thesis: Deep Recursive Segmentation Networks.

  • Minsu Kim (MS2018): NCsoft.
    Thesis: Where is your Player : Deep Pixel-wise visual localization on Baseball Game Data via text-phrase.

  • Hyojung Han (MS2018): Samsung Electronics/ University of Maryland, College Park.
    Thesis: Associative Scene Semantic Segmentation.

  • Hyunwoo Nam (MS2018): Samsung Electronics.
    Thesis: Network Fusion based Video Summarization using Visual-semantic Features.

  • Kangmin Bae (MS2019): ETRI.
    Thesis: ImaGAN: unsupervised training of conditional joint CycleGAN for transferring style with core structures in content preserved.

  • Jaewon Lee (MS2019): SAIT.
    Thesis: Active learning using blending query strategy with multi-armed bandit on imbalanced data classification.

  • Minuk Ma (MS2020): Lunit.
    Thesis:  Moment Proposal Network for Multi-modal Video Question Answering.

  • Minjeong Ju (MS2020): SK T-Brain.
    Thesis:  GAPNet: Generic-Attribute-Pose Network for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization using Multi-Attribute Attention Module.

  • Hyunjun Jang (MS2020): Lunit.
    Thesis:  RankNet for Accurate Object Detection with Ranking Bounding Boxes.

  • Hobin Ryu (MS2021): Naver
    Thesis: Semantic Grouping Network for Video Captioning

  • Nguyen Van Cao (MS2020): VNPT.
    Thesis:  Scene Graph Generation with Attended Predicate Prediction.

  • Sunjae Yoon (MS2021): Ph.D.
    Thesis: Video Language Alignment Network for Video Moment Retrieval

  • DaHuyn Kim (MS2022): LG Electronics.
    Deep Learning Based Approach for Video Corpus Moment Retrieval and Video Grounded Dialogue

  • Kookhoi Kim (MS2022): Samsung Research.
    Thesis: Deep Learning based approaches for 3D Object Detection and Instance Segmentation on Point Clouds

  • JI Woo Hong (MS2022): Ph.D.
    Thesis: Temporal Procrustes Alignment Framework for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation from Video

  • Eun Seop Yoon (MS2023): Ph.D.
    Thesis: Deep Learning Based Approach for Enhanced Non-Native Speech Recognition

Research Professor

  • Yong-Kyu Park (Research Professor, Jan. 1, 2002 ~ Jun. 30, 2003):  MAN2MACHINE.

  • Sun-Hee Kim (Research Professor, 2004.9.1 ~ 2005.08.31):  SNU, Professor, French Education Dept.

  • Gwang-Su Kim (Research Professor, 2017.03.01 ~ 2023.03.01): Jeonbuk National University, Department of Statistics