Machine Learning for Image Processing

Drowsiness Detection



Efficient drowsiness detection algorithm for active safety driving system


Sanghyuk Park, Sungrack Yun, Donghoon Lee, Chang D. Yoo


Driver fatigue and drowsiness are two fatal causes of car accidents. This paper proposes a driver drowsiness detection algorithm (DDA) based on both real-time deformable face tracking to be used in active safety driving. For face tracking, the proposed algorithm monitors driver's facial movements and head gesture using the active shape model (ASM). The DDA simultaneously monitors the driver's alertness using extracted facial features from both eye and mouth. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm provides high drowsiness detection rate.


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1.Sanghyuk Park, Sungrack Yun, Donghoon Lee and Chang D. Yoo, "Efficient drowsiness detection algorithm for active safety driving system", The 26th International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications(ITC-CSCC 2011), 2011.