Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab. (U-AIM) 

(formerly Statistical Learning for Signal Processing Lab.) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab. was established under the guidance of Professor Chang D. Yoo at KAIST. Using various machine learning theories and novel signal processing techniques, signals such as image, text, speech, audio, video, EEG and financial data are processed for longstanding and emerging applications. 

[Lab. Introduction]  [연구실 홍보영상]

2023 Publications until February

2023 AI Conference Papers :  7 papers (ICLR 2, ICASSP 1, ACL 3, INTERSPEECH 1)

2023 AI Journal Papers : 6 papers (Advanced Materials 1, Access 2, sensors 1, MDPI 1, Bayesian Analysis 1)

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AIM Lab. News

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우리 학부 U-AIM(Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab) 연구실 김광수 연구 교수님께서 2023년 3월 1일부로 전북대학교 교수로 임용 되었습니다. 축하드립니다 :) Res...
Congratulation! Thang Vu (Ph.D.) from U-AIM received Best Dissertation Award in the School of Electrical Engineering for his Ph.D. graduation!
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우리 학부 U-AIM(Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab) 졸업생 김성웅 박사(지도교수: 유창동)가 2023년 3월 1일부로 고려대학교 AI대학원 부교수로 임용 되었습니다....

Recently Accepted Papers

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Eunseop Yoon*, Hee Suk Yoon*, Dhananjaya Gowda, SooHwan Eom, Daehyeok Kim, John Harvill, Heting Gao, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Chanwoo Kim, Chang D. Yoo, "Mitigating the Expo...
Bayesian analysis of the generalized additive proportional hazards model: Asymptotic studies, Gwangsu Kim, Chang D Yoo and Yongdai Kim, Bayesian Analysis.
Speak, Decipher and Sign: Toward Unsupervised Speech-to-Sign Language Recognition, Liming Wang, Junrui Ni, Heting Gao, Jialu Li, Kai Chieh Chang, Xulin Fan, Junkai Wu, Mar...
Ji Woo Hong, Sunjae Yoon, Junyeong Kim, Chang D. Yoo., "Joint Path Alignment Framework for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation from video., IEEE Access 2023. Thanh Nguyen*,...

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