Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab. (AIM) 

(formerly Statistical Learning for Signal Processing Lab.) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab. was established under the guidance of Professor Chang D. Yoo at KAIST. Using various machine learning theories and novel signal processing techniques, signals such as image, text, speech, audio, video, EEG and financial data are processed for longstanding and emerging applications.  

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Recently Accepted Papers

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Junyeong Kim, Sunjae Yoon, DaHyun Kim, Chang D. Yoo, “Structured Co-reference Graph Attention for Video-grounded Dialogue”, in AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligenc...
ECCV 2020 [07-07]
Minuk Ma*, Sunjae Yoon*, Junyeong Kim, Youngjoon Lee, Sunghun Kang, Chang D. Yoo, 'VLANet: Video-Language Alignment Network for Weakly-Supervised Video Moment Retrieval', ...
Junyeong Kim, Minuk Ma, Trung X, Kyungsu Kim and Chang D. Yoo, "Modality Shifting Attention Network for Multi-modal Video Question Answering", Computer Vision and Pattern ...
Hyunsin Park and Chang D. Yoo, "CNN-based Learnable Gammatone Filterbank and Equal-loudness Normalization for Enviornmental Sound Classification", IEEE Signal Processing L...

AIM Lab. News

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Ph.D candidate Junyoeng Kim successfully passed his Ph.D defense. Thesis: "Deep Learning Approaches for Multimodal Video Question Answering" Congratulations!
The master student in our AIM lab (Sunjae Yoon) graduates in this February. Congratulations to all graduating students!!
In this spring semester of this year, AIM lab has 3 new master students. Welcome to our AIM lab!!
Ph.D candidate Seungjae Lee successfully passed his Ph.D defense. Thesis: "Study on Efficient Feature Extraction and Neural Architecture Engineering for Visual Search...