Statistical Learning for Signal Processing Lab. (SLSP) 

(formally Multimedia Processing Lab.) was established under the guidance of Professor Chang D. Yoo in 1999, the year he arrived at KAIST. Using various machine learning theories and novel signal processing techniques, signals such as image, text, speech, audio, video, EEG and financial data are processed for longstanding and emerging applications.  

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SLSP Lab. News

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Since this September, Professor Jin Taisong (김태송 교수님) has joined SLSP as Visiting Professor for one year. Dr. Jin received his Ph. D degree from the Beijing ...
Master's candidate Changhoon Lee graduated from and left SLSP in Autumn 2015, with memories over 2 years. Earlier this year, Changhoon got his paper "Segment-...
SLSP will hold the summer training for 2015 at Jeju island from June 20 to 23. The members will also attend the annual IEIE conference. Two conference papers usi...
Ph. D candidate Jinho Choi had a presentation for the Ph. D seminar course hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering. He gave his presentation about his rece...

Recently Accepted Papers


Interspeech.jpgHaeyong Kang, Chang D. Yoo, and Yongcheon Na, "Maximum Margin Learning of t-SPNs for Cell Classification with Filtering", IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, accepted for publication.

cvpr2015.jpgDonghoon Lee, Hyunsin Park, and Chang D. Yoo, "Face Alignment Using Cascade Gaussian Process Regression Trees", in Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,  Boston, USA,  2015.

Interspeech.jpgJanghoon Cho and Chang D. Yoo, "Underdetermined Convolutive BSS : Bayes Risk Minimization Based on a Mixture of Super-Gaussian Posterior Approximation", IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, vol.23, no.5, pp.828-839, March 2015.